A tale that’s been told a thousand times – although never quite like this!

Somewhere near you there is a band of brothers fighting for justice, seeking to rid the land of evil and return hope to the poorly treated. They are lean, mean, justice fighting machines! A wild, anarchic take on an ancient story, The Adventures of Robin Hood is packed with sword fights, archery competitions, daring rescues and impossible escapes!
"Cheeky, intelligent fun, wonderfully imaginative and with a message that resonates at all levels from the youngest audience members to the oldest. Seldom have I spent a more enjoyable evening at the theater. Five stars!" -DC Metro Theater Arts
Written by Oliver Emanuel
Bower Theater 
Recommended for ages 8 and up
Performance Dates
August 11, 7pm
August 12, 2pm & 7pm
August 13, 2pm
August 17, 7pm
August 18, 2pm & 7pm
August 19, 2pm & 7pm
August 20, 2pm

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