World Premiere Musical
Book and Lyrics by Michael Lluberes
Music by Jared M Dembowski
Based on the book by Albert Cullum
Flint Youth Theatre
Director/Producing Artistic Director: Michael Lluberes

AEA TYA & Non Union
Rehearsals: March 12- April 20, 2018 (Weekday evening and some Saturday daytime rehearsals) Performances: April 21 - May 6, 2018

Call 810-237-1530 or email to set up a ten-minute audition appointment. All actors should prepare a contemporary musical theatre song and sides from the script for a specific role. Bring your own sheet music. Accompanist will be provided.

Tuesday, February 20, 6:00pm -9:30pm
Wednesday, February 21, 6:00pm -9:30pm

Thursday, February 22, 6:00pm-9:30pm

Flint Youth Theatre
1220 East Kearsley St.
Flint, MI 48503

Based on the best selling book by Albert Cullum, this new avant-garde musical explores the inner thoughts and feelings of elementary school students as they navigate their way through the trials and tribulations of an ordinary day at school.

Seeking diverse company of children, all-ethnicities. Looking for distinct, strong young actors who sing and move well, age 7-14 to play elementary school students. Seeking honest, open, funny and real children.   

[KATIE] Female to play 8-10 years old. A dreamer. Fearless. She's a real actress. Curious, emotional, instinctive and ultimately brave. Connects to the geranium and leads the class against the teacher.

[AMY] Female to play 8-10 years old. Teacher's pet. She's quiet, studious and sweet. A perfectionist. She wears glasses. OCD tendencies. She's always the first, the best and the brightest but secretly filled with anxiety.

[OLIVIA] Female to play 8-10 years old. A lot going on under the surface. Her parents are recently divorced and she's trying to navigate through the new family setup. She spends a lot of time alone.

[SARA] Female to play 8-10 years old. Funny and loud. Offbeat sense of humor. She's a mimic and a chameleon. A little standup comedian.

[THE GERANIUM] Female to play 8-10 years old. Mysterious and haunting. She spends most of the musical completely silent and unresponsive but has an enormous life force inside. The other children interact with her as if she's a geranium on the windowsill. She comes to life at the end.

[MATTHEW] Male to play 8-10 years old. A troublemaker. He's restless. Pretends he's a character in a videogame to get through the day. An instigator and a charmer. He's always getting into trouble and always getting out of it.

[BOBBY] Male to play 8-10 years old. A messy, dirty, smelly child. Easily distracted. He has a great sense of humor, wild imagination and sometimes he poops his pants in class. Young for his age. Funny.

[JACOB] Male to play 8-10 years old. Sensitive, Awkward. Delicate. He has a vivid imagination and rich fantasy life where he dreams he's a princess from a fairy tale.

[NICK] Male to play 8-10 years old. A comedian. A magician. An entertainer. Struggles to find his place in the classroom.

Geranium FYT Audition Information
Amy Side
Bobby Nick Side
Jacob Side
Matthew Side
Katie Olivia Geranium Side
Sara Side

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